T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide picture leaked with details

This bad boy, the same one that made headlines when leaked as the HTC Doubleshot, now goes by the name myTouch 4G Slide. We’ve seen pictures of the upcoming device come through the wire before, but this is the first clear one to come our way.

This picture was leaked just yesterday and it comes with a little information about what to expect. The phone’s front end design is almost identical to the MyTouch 4G, as you can tell from the picture, but includes a nice slide-out keyboard. For those G2 owners or people that have used the device before, the leak-ee says the keyboard has the same feel and provides similar experience. That’s great news because the G2 has one of the best keyboards I’ve ever experienced on a phone. The guy also went on to say the phone is pretty fast, but that was expected since it’s powered by the same processor as the HTC Sensation 4G.

Spec-wise, this looks like it’ll take the place for the leading QWERTY phone to come out this year. It comes with a lighting fast 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor with an incredible Adreno 220 GPU. It’ll have a 3.7-inch LCD WVGA display, which is a little disappointing considering most dual core phones are now moving forward with qHD. The phone’s camera produces pictures at 8 megapixels on the back, and for those video calling moments, it has a VGA camera in the front. The camera has support for 1080p video recording, while the phone only supports 720p playback. Memory-wise it has 768MB of RAM and support for microSDHC cards for up to 32 GB of storage. If the rumors are correct, this phone should be coming early July on T-Mobile’s “4G” HSPA+ network.

This phone is coming in to replace the recently-released T-Mobile G2. Looking at the specs, it can certainly take the place of the 6 month-old device; hopefully the phone also improves on the size because the G2 is quite large. The myTouch 4G is supposedly heavier than the G2, which is a little disappointing.

Anyone here looking forward to this release? I certainly am, unless a T-Mobile Galaxy S II is leaked beforehand.

[via Tmonews]

  • Kas

    Dear HTC… I love your phones but please start branding on the back, Branding on the front easily invites too much deadspace. This phone could have easily had a 4.0 screen instead of 3.7 had not a ridiculously large logo took up so much space. But thanks for a great 4g keyboard phone, It’s about time.

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