RIM launches device simulator for BlackBerry Curve Apollo, Torch 2, Monaco

In addition to supporting new Flash developer tools in the latest version of the BlackBerry PlayBook firmware, RIM has announced new device simulators for upcoming, previously-unnannounced OS 7 devices so developers can start developing for them. The biggest thing is making the appropriate changes for screen sizes, which RIM outlined in a handy little table.

RIM confirms that the Apollo 9360 will have a 2.4-inch 480 x 360 screen, the Torch 9810 will have a 3.2-inch 480 x 640 display, and the Monaco 9850 will have a 3.7-inch 480 x 800 display. That all lines up with the leaked spec sheets we had seen earlier, but it’s good to get official confirmation.

The interesting thing about this is that RIM hasn’t until now officially acknowledged the upcoming devices. I kind of like how they presume any developers interested in BlackBerry simulators will have already heard about the unannounced OS 7 devices through various leaks. To be fair, we had already seen the Monaco 9850 simulator leak, so maybe RIM just decided to offer something official before any more unfinished tools made their way into the wild. Still, you usually want to save the big reveal for something with a bit more bang, don’t you?

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