New Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories announced, looking better than iPad 2 counterparts

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories outed

Samsung seems to be doing everything Apple is doing, because now it has introducing their own list of accessories for its second generation Galaxy Tabs. The company that was recently denied access to Apple’s next generation products just brought out some incredible collections of accessories for the future Tab 10.1 owners.

These accessories have a long range of functions from an attachable keyboard for easy information entry to a desktop charging stand. Starting from the simplest accessories, Samsung introduced a new case for the tablet that protects your precious tablet and still give you easy one flip access to everything. There’s also a Bluetooth attachment, leather case, and other products that should help you enjoy your tablet a little more.

Samsung also brought out some line adapters for this product. The most notable line adapter is the HDMI Cable Adapter that charges the Tab 10.1 and still allows 1080p playback to your TV. The next adapter gives the Tab USB capabilities. With this adapter, your device will be able to connect with a USB keyboard, mouse, flash drive, and more. There are many more accessories for your house, car, or traveling needs.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one heck of a tablet. Samsung seems to be working overtime to give it a similar appeal as the iPad has from Apple. The Tab should be available on multiple networks, like the iPad. It will have a lot of official accessories, like the iPad has. All of the accessories will be priced competitive, I’d imagine.

[Via: AC]

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