appBlaster lets iPhone users fight aliens everywhere, AR style

There’s nothing special in an alien killing mobile game. We’ve seen quite a few such titles, especially for the iOS-based devices. However we haven’t (or at least I haven’t) seen a single title that takes advantage of a gun accessory. This is not to say a gun is needed for apptoyz Alien Attack to work – it just makes the game much more fun.

The mentioned title is an augmented reality shooter that sees you killing aliens everywhere around you. You’ll find them in your living room, on the streets, at the mall… everywhere. And with the appBlaster, reaching a high-score will be easier and, well, more entertaining. The question is whether you’re willing to pour out 19.99 GBP (about $32) to get the real deal.

The appBlaster itself is a simple device with no electronics inside. Rather it sports trigger-to-touch-screen technology to fire the in-game shooter. The triggers operate two pads that touch the screen and shoot the in-game blaster, allowing the user to use both the primary and secondary shooting functions. It’s pretty straightforward yet cool. You can see how it looks like in real life from a video below, and if you end up liking it – visit RED’s website (the company behind this product) to pre-order one for yourself. Enjoy!

apptoyz Alien Attack (FREE) [iTunes link]

[Via: Engadget]

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