Nokia N9 NFC file transfer demoed on video

The Nokia N9 was announced a few days ago and it came with NFC support. NFC is a technology that’s capabilities are still very mysterious to a lot of us but one of the features was recently demoed in the video below.

Wireless file sharing was one feature Bluetooth had in the bag for years and now Nokia is using NFC to share files on the N9. This new way of sharing files is very similar to Bluetooth, however. It allows you to connect to another device and wirelessly send whatever you’d like to that device. Unlike Bluetooth though, this is an NFC service, so you have to be very close to each other and basically touch phones like if you were “bumping.”

This video is only 38 seconds long, but in that short time you get to see how Nokia implemented the service on the phone. Meego seems to integrate pretty well with the NFC transfer system and I like how the image was able to launch in the gallery app right away.

This new device will not be coming out until much later this year. Looking at features like this and the great UI Nokia put together with Meego, this might be one hit device.

[Via: GSMArena]

  • Elrond

    neat demo. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Lemme be the first to say that Meego looks way better on this device than Windows Phone 7. Nokia should have designed another piece of hardware for the Windows Phone 7.

  • SmrTyPnts

    It’s kinda hard to see but there’s an icon that turns blue on the receiving device which signifies that bluetooth was turned on to transfer the actual file.  The notification to receive the file is being done through NFC but with the slow data rates of NFC, it would take a while to send an actual picture over it.  NFC is meant for small exchange of small amounts of data… like credit card #’s. 

    I’m not a comms engineer for Nokia so I may be wrong, but that’s what other NFC devices do.

  • might be one hit device?!!!! It WILL be a hit device!

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