Samsung Galaxy S II taking a trip out of this atmosphere July 15th

Most phones don’t get the chance to say they’ve been outside our atmosphere, but the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t most phones. Samsung’s latest super phone is taking a very special trip outside our layer of the atmosphere and chilling out 98,000 feet above sea level in the layer called the stratosphere. This trip is a special promotional stunt by Samsung and will take place July 14th. This same stunt was performed with the Nexus S, and it’s meant to show how strong these phones are.

This whole thing happens with the help of a specially made weather balloon that has been made to reach that height. Samsung has tested this weather balloon many times, so it’s good to know that they do this before launching a new phone into space to make sure it’s top quality.

The event will be broadcasted live on UStream on July 15th, so make sure to keep reading here to remain updated. This video below was produced to get you excited about this event, and hopefully get you to tune in on the actual date.

I am excited to see the Galaxy S II take a trip out of the atmosphere and into outer space and get a taste of where its name comes from – our galaxy. Doing this isn’t anything more than a purely fun way to advertise their phones, but I’m sure they can evolve this to be much more than that. No word on whether this phone will get signal up there. If this turns out to have bars up there, I fear we have some major radiation deformities coming our way.

[Via: GSMArena]

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