Google Sites now adapt to your device

Google posted today about their latest development that might solve all your site’s mobile needs. Pages that are built on Google Sites will be optimized for mobile when visited by an iOS 3 or Android 2.2 browser. This is achieved by automatically rendering the website to the right display resolution, so you end up using less data while getting the same amount of information.

This enhancement is already in place, so browsing the web from our phones will start looking a little different from now on. Google’s strategy holds a lot of promise, considering at this rate of mobile web growth, it’s just a matter of time until websites see mobile devices as just another computer.

The picture above shows the back-end options that site owners will see now. Google gives you the options to customize how people are seeing your new mobile site, and whether you want to let users be able to switch to the full site. The front-end software auto-aligns the header layout and top bar, fits the width of the site to match the device’s, and figures out how to make your sidebar functional.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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