Updated BlackBerry PlayBook WebWorks SDK gives devs in-app payments, more APIs

Last week, Adobe launched a few new tools for BlackBerry PlayBook Flash developers, and today RIM is following-up with some stuff for those that prefer to use web languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The WebWorks SDK has been updated to version 2.1, and includes access to a few new APIs, like camera, microphone, file and directory, but most prominently in-app payments. The in-app payment capabilities were baked into the PlayBook in the last OS update, so now it’s just a matter of developers squeezing it into their applications.

Even for RIM’s smartphones, in-app purchasing is relatively new, but it opens a lot of revenue possibilities for devs, especially if they’re starting with free and going from there. As for the competition, Android and iPhone operating systems have been supporting the model for awhile to varying degrees of success.

We’re still waiting on a native software development kit for the BlackBerry PlayBook, not to mention tools for Android developers to make their apps QNX-ready, but RIM’s got a lot of other problems on their plate right now. If you happen to be a PlayBook developer, you can download the new tools over here. Still missing something? The WebWorks project is open source, so you can get involved and make your own contributions to the next version.

[via IBB DevBlog]



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