Windows Phone 7 gets its Evernote client!

Almost missed this. Don’t know how that happened and I have no good excuse. Simply said, I wasn’t paying attention to Evernote’s blog lately and they caught me by surprise. And in the meantime they announced Evernote mobile client for Windows Phone 7! Suddenly buying a smartphone with Microsoft’s latest mobile OS makes perfect sense to me.

The application was built from the ground up to take advantage of the Windows Phone 7 Metro interface and its Pivot panels. You can use it to take text, image and audio notes; as well as to browse and search for notes. Offline storage also comes built-in, though it’s limited to the Premium users (as that’s the case with Evernote for other mobile platforms). Moreover, location is also included in the mix, allowing users to take notes that are relevant to some place they are/will be visiting.

There are 4 Evernote Pivot Panels, including Notes (scrollable note list), Notebooks, Tags and Recent notes (which lists the 20 most recently viewed notes). You’ll know what to do from there, right?

Anyway, you do want Evernote on your Windows Phone 7 device, right? Fire-up the Marketplace app, search for “evernote” and take it from there. Make sure you’re in a hotspot (or on an unlimited data plan) the first time you’re starting the Evernote, though…

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