Facebook for Android 1.6 brings pages, video uploads and news feed improvements

On the heels of the upcoming Facebook for iPad application, the social network launched an updated version of its Android app. There are three new features included in this release – access to pages, improvements to the news feed and video uploads. The last mentioned feature will allow you to move clips straight from a smartphone to your Facebook account.

Unfortunately comment liking is not included, hinting us it will be a part of some next update to Facebook’s Android app.

And that’s about it. No details were presented on the app’s page on Android Market and since I didn’t have time to check it all out – you’ll have to figure out for yourself what the mentioned “improvements to the news feed” actually mean.

In the unlikely case that you still don’t have Facebook app on your Android smartphone, hit the link below. Otherwise, fire up Android Market and update the app through “My Apps.”

Facebook (FREE) [Android Market link]

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