FCC report doesn’t tip how it will rule on AT&T, T-Mobile deal

FCC remains mums on AT&T, T-Mobile deal

A new report from the Federal Communications Commission isn’t tipping its hand on how it will come down on the potentially huge AT&T, T-Mobile deal.

The governmental agency said, “a merger can potentially form a stronger provider that restrains competitors from engaging in anticompetitive behavior, or may increase the likelihood that the merged firm may itself, or in coordination with other firms, would obtain or maintain market power.” So, basically the FCC is saying the AT&T, T-Mobile deal could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. Thanks, guys!

Basically, the FCC is staying neutral on the issue of whether there mobile market is truly competitive and how an AT&T, T-Mobile deal would impact that competition. Under the latest administration, the FCC has been very, very nice to the wireless industry, as it has been on the tip of the spear about the spectrum crisis and it has changed a lot of rules in favor of the mobile industry.

For that reason, I do believe that the AT&T, T-Mobile deal will go through in the first quarter of 2012 but I think that will be the last major merger that the FCC allows in the wireless space for a long, long time. Let us know what you think will happen in the comments, friends.

[Via WSJ]

  • Guest

    If the deal goes through and at&t changes my plan or makes my plan obsolete I’m going back to using a land line since prices will sky rocket.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Sprint would of bought T-Mobile when they had a chance, I agree with Sprint that AT&T has enough spectrum to upgrade and maintain a good network and buying T- Mobile would create a duopoly.

  • Noel

    I still don’t think the deal will be approved..hopefully the FCC and DOJ will see how adversely the deal will affect the million and millions of budget cellphone consumers looking for low rate plans and low unlimited plans. From what i have read, it seems Att has other options to make their network stronger and provide LTE..Verizon did not try to buy out sprint so they can have their LTE. I think the goal here is to knock off a competitor hence be the soul GSM provider…leaving millions of those who like their GSM devices with no other option if they were not pleased with what they are getting from a carrier. I think the US cellphone market is well balanced with four major carriers…two stronger Verizon CDMA and Att GSM, and two moderately strong Sprint CDMA and Tmobile GSM…serves the public well and the consumer has four perfect options.

  • jean forichon

    I hope and think the deal will go through. I am a t-mobile customer and since I leave in a rural area I know for a fact that my service will be much better. I have compared the prices with ATT and yes I will be paying a little bit more every month, but with better coverage that makes sense for me.

    • creg

      well why not just switch now.

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