WellDoc for iPhone nags diabetic drivers to check blood sugar

Last week at Ford’s press event, I got to check out another Sync application that’s in development. WellDoc is a monitoring service for diabetics, so they can log meals and glucometer results through an iPhone app. With WellDoc, Sync will detect if you haven’t logged any data recently, dial Sync services over Bluetooth, and have the automated system produce a yes-and-no dialogue which makes sure your blood sugar levels are all good and healthy. If they aren’t, WellDoc is able to suggest the next best course of action, like popping a glucose tab. If blood sugar levels are dangerous, Sync will send a text message to your emergency contact about the situation, and in the future, it might send another to let them know that the driver has reached home safe and sound.

Diabetes is the kind of thing that requires constant monitoring, and with WellDoc planting itself on phones and in cars, it looks like there will always be a solution for keeping tabs on things. The fact that it’s a connected solution that keeps help within reach at all times is just one of the ways in which smartphone-enabled health care solutions can provide something a little more than traditional tools.

This particular integration with Sync is still in the early stages, so there’s no timeline for a launch just yet. WellDoc also does a similar app for asthma, but they seemed cagey on pricing, referring vaguely to a subscription model.  If you’re interested in trying it out, check out WellDoc’s homepage.

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