Order & Chaos Online’s first big update releasing tomorrow; New armor sets teased

Last month, Gameloft announced it was working on the first major update for Order & Chaos Online which was supposed to be released some time last month. As with most MMOs, sometimes release dates for updates tend to slip, but Update #1 is set to roll out tomorrow morning at 6 AM GMT (which is 1 AM ET or 10 PM PT) during the game’s scheduled maintenence.

Here’s a rundown of some of the items being implemented in Update #1:

  • New quests will be added in the last two high-level regions
  • A server migration system will be implemented, allowing you to change your server
  • The cost needed to teleport from one city to another will be adjusted
  • The amount of money lost upon dying will be adjusted
  • All cemeteries will become non-Player-versus-Player areas (non-PvP), meaning no player will be able to attack another one in a cemetery
  • A teleport will be added in Greenmont
  • Additional content and several bug fixes will also be implemented

Gameloft also took this opportunity to tease its players to some of the new armor sets that will be made available in Order & Chaos Online’s Update #1 which you can take a gander below.

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