HTC Evo 3D can run Evo 4G’s Netflix app!

Netflix for Android

You grabbed the HTC Evo 3D and you love it. Heck you even went one step forward and shared your thoughts with IntoMobile. The only problem is that you can’t download the Netflix app and you need it badly… to say the least. What the heck, you may be thinking, it works on the Evo 4G but it doesn’t on its bigger brother? Something’s wrong here.

You could wait for Netflix to officially support HTC’s 3D screen equipped smartphone or… try installing the version of the application that works on the Evo 4G. We’re pleased to say this works like a charm, as reported by a number of users!

Simply visit this thread at Pocketables forum, download APK and move it to your phone. You’ll have to enable third-party apps (those not downloaded from the Android Market) and install Netflix on your phone. Now it’s all about sitting, relaxing and enjoying. Yep you can rent movies while on the go… 🙂

Netflix (FREE) [Android Market link]

[Via: Engadget]

  • Richardyarrell

    Yes I did this Tuesday and to boot I installed the flashligt app from my old evo 4g also that was not on my new EVO 3D…Plus just for extra I also installed skype video chat on my EVO 3D now I am ROCKING SO HARD IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY….This dualcore monster is taking care of business

    • Tbuchanan23

      How did you install the skype?

  • Tbuchanan23

    How did you install skype?

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