Street Fighter IV Volt releases on the iPhone with 18 characters and online multiplayer

When we reviewed Street Fighter IV last year for the iPhone, we were blown away at how Capcom was able to successfully recreate the console fighting game experience on the iPhone. Since its release, Capcom has continued to support the game by adding a number of new fighters into the mix, such as Cammy and Sagat. Capcom did a great job supporting Street Fighter IV, but a new Street Fighter game has just hit the App Store and it completely blows the previous version out of the water in every way. Say hello to Street Fighter IV Volt.

First off, Street Fighter IV Volt comes with 18 characters straight from the get-go instead of just 8 that Street Fighter IV came with. You’ll get to pick from the usual roster of Ryu, Ken, Blanka, and others, but SFIV Volt adds other great characters from the Street Fighter IV console game such as Sagat, M.Bison, Cody, Vega, and a few others. The roster for SFIV Volt is extremely impressive and is sure to please the majority of Street Fighter iPhone fans.

The other major improvement is the ability to battle with anyone around with world through Wi-Fi. This was one of the issues we had with Street Fighter IV as it only offered Bluetooth multiplayer, so the addition of battling friends and random people through Game Center is very welcome. Players can choose between ranked matches or friendly matches as well as the rules to the match such as its rounds and if auto-block and special moves assistance is on or off.

Just as in the console version, you’ll be able to deck out your online profile with avatars and titles that you earn playing online matches. A new mode called “Wandering Warrior” breathes a new life into the avatars by allowing you to pick which avatar you want and allowing you to upgrade the avatar and having it fight against your opponent’s avatar that you’re battling through online multiplayer. This adds a whole new game type that can be quite addicting as regardless of your performance in multiplayer, you can totally still kick your opponent’s avatar’s butt if you upgrade yours¬†accordingly.

Street Fighter IV Volt is available now on the App Store for an introductory price of $.99. If you have any interest in picking it up, you might want to jump on this price now as Capcom will be increasing the price of the game by $1 each day until it reaches its regular price of $6.99.

Street Fighter IV Volt ($.99) – [iTunes Link]

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    No mention of the horrendous lag?… Curious.

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    how do you play online with people. it keep saying make a account but where do I get it. plzzz I need more info

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