Facebook Skype video calling not coming to mobile yet

Facebook Skype video calling not coming to mobile yet

Facebook just made a big announcement that it would be teaming with Skype to provide free, one-to-one video calling on the world’s largest social network but you won’t be able to use this feature in the mobile apps yet.

The Facebook Skype video calling service was the major feature of today’s announcement but it also included the ability to chat with Groups and a redesign of the chat bar to better take advantage of a user’s screen. Because there is limited screen space, the redesign won’t be coming to mobile either but the Group chatting feature should be available in the mobile apps soon.

The Facebook Skype integration does look pretty good, as it appears simple and easy to click on a person and initiate a video call. You have to download a web plugin for it to work but the free video calling looks pretty frictionless.

If you’re jonesing to get your video calling on the go, there are many options including through Skype’s apps. Apple’s FaceTime will give you mobile video calling, although you will have to be connected via a WiFi network. We’re very keen on the Tango app because it provides cross-platform video calling on the go via 3G and WiFi.

  • QUE QUE?

  • This is going to be interesting to see how mobile service providers react to this coming to mobile devices. 

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