iDevices unveils silicone skin for iGrill, update iOS app

Just when I talked about iGrill in our IntoMobile Summer Special article on cooking and BBQ, iDevices announced silicone skin for its wireless cooking thermometer (iGrill Apron) and an updated iOS application.

First let’s talk briefly about the accessory – iGrill Apron. As you can imagine, it’s designed exclusively for iGrill to keep it safe from heat, moisture, food and the elements for outdoor BBQ-ing and indoor cooking. It’s not cheap though, with iDevices asking you to pour $19.99 to get it.

The second item is the updated iGrill app, which has been improved significantly. Version 2 builds on the original release to include the ability to set alarms for peak temperature or temperature range per probe; more presets for fish, chicken and meat; time remaining feature that tells you how long until the food is ready; range mode that shows current temperature and maximum/minimum of the current range; timer tool that lets you run single or multiple timers simultaneously; graph tool that shows temperature charted over time, and more.

In a nutshell, if you own the iGrill – you’ll definitely want to update to their latest iOS app and eventually considering grabbing yourself the iGrill Apron. On the other hand, if you just want to see how the iGrill app works, hit the link below and take it from there…

iGrill (FREE) [iTunes link]

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    Or you can just spend $19.99 on a cooking thermometer and not worry about cooking your $500 iPhone.

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