Here’s a quick way to organize yourself with an Android smartphone

Android calendar

A smartphone can be a powerful tool for organizing your time. In this article I’ll try to explain how to use an Android-based device to easily keep up with your tasks and appointments. It doesn’t have to be hard and cumbersome, quite the contrary…

Before we start

I presume you use Google services, including Google Calendar and Google Tasks. If you don’t, well, you’ll have to wait for some other article. Here I’ll tell you about apps that are made to sing along GCal, that could make your life that much easier. Let’s say you do rely on Google, here are the apps I use to stay on top of my agenda.

Touch Calendar

This little app is made to resemble Google Calendar, allowing you to zoom in and out your upcoming appointments. You can see a whole month, a week or zoom-in to any particular day. The application is free to download and there’s also a paid version that includes the homescreen widget.


As you can imagine this app is all about keeping your Google Tasks in sync. The best thing about it is its widget that shows all of your tasks on the homescreen. What’s more, you can have multiple GTasks widgets on different (or same) homescreens for different task or list groups. In that sense, you can use GTasks for other things – I use it as a shopping list. GTasks is ad-supported and free to download, and like Touch Calendar, it also exists in the paid, ad-free form.

Smooth Calendar

This is a small homescreen widget that displays anything from one to six upcoming events. You can select which calendars you want displayed as well the calendar app it opens. I open Touch Calendar from here and display only items from my main calendar — Facebook calendar is not something I need to see all the time.

There you have it. These 3 little apps can do a lot to help you organize your life, or at least they do the job for me. Do you use some other apps? Spare no words in the comments form below…

  • Thanks for the tips! I’m always looking for new organizational tools.

  • Essjayar

    Most android phones have calender widgets and the marketplace has googles apps for a ToDo list etc, for free. You can also use the alarm clock if you wanted, Apps like read later, evernote, and more are useful. Tip: Get a free widget called “gApps Launcher” which lets you set up neat boxes of Googles own apps. But honestly, the calender is enough, and you can set it to SMS you too for that extra reminder, perhaps the day before 😀

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