• Roland

    Erm, double tap in Symbian^3? Where? I have a N8 here and can’t remember ONE point where I have to double tab. Could you please name me one place?
    That was a – admittedly extremly annoying – problem on Symbian S60v5 (N97 & co), but not on Symbian^3.

    • Dusan Belic

      Connecting to a Wi-Fi network from the homescreen widget.

      • Roland

        What? With my N8 (running PR1.2) I tap on the “WLAN”-widget once to activate and, if an open or known network is in reach, connect. Just one tap for that. Where do you have to double-tap? Or is that different on the E7?

  • papuwa

    I’ve been using an E7 for about 7months now and the only fault you got right was the number 2 & 5.

  • Waleed Raza

    the fm transmitter isnt present.. remember?

  • jason bourne

    why rant about a phone you don’t like? Get another phone and be content.

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