• Erodaland

    symbian is still a OS platform?? Wow!

  • Symbian Blog

    Apart from Ovi Maps, all these apps (or apps with similar function) are available on any smartphone. Nokia’s maps app is the only one for which you need Symbian.

  • Valy_lov

    Great review! I´m using N8 and i totaly agree with you. Congratulations!!!

  • Osama

    thx dude

  • Awesome apps!!

  • Dhavaljadiya

    now not enough in compare with samsung app

  • sajid

    can anybody tell me how i play mame32 games on our nokia e5 mobile.

  • That’s a nice list of apps, thanks!

  • nas

    skype with symbian; without video call and with awful call quality u mean

  • Muzafir

    Go to hell lads. Android fucked symbian.

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