Twilio SMS Short Codes allows developers to make apps with SMS capabilities

Twilio, the company that provides a web-service API for building scalable communication apps, unveiled its new offering. Dubbed Twilio SMS Short Codes, it enables software developers to build applications that send and receive text messages using dedicated 5 and 6-digit numbers. The solution is touted to be the “easiest way to get a short code and send SMS at volume,” requiring no carrier approvals at all.

To put this in perspective – obtaining a short code previously was really tough. Companies had to apply to various parties, mobile operators included, to get it. Twilio handles all that for you so you can spend your time concentrating on app development.

Using Twilio’s new offering, developers can send up to 30 text messages per second. This speed is great for time-sensitive information such as coupons, alerts and political messages. The service costs a single cent per outbound SMS, and half a cent per inbound SMS. Custom short codes can be leased for $1500/month, while random ones cost $1000/month. There are no setup fees, hidden costs, long-term contracts and the price includes licensing fees to the Common Short Code Administration, required of all short codes.

You can get additional details from Twilio’s website. We can only nicely ask you not to spam people. 🙂

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  • Daniel

    I love the ability to get the number out quickly that people can remember!

  • Daniel Olfelt

    Having the ability to use short codes in such an easy way is awesome! I am planning on using short codes in a Scheduling Software product we have to quickly allow users to receive messages and in turn do actions all through SMS.

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