CNN streams 24 hour news to iOS app

CNN is making a big push to have its news network be everywhere and the company will be streaming its broadcast 24 hours a day online and to its iOS app. You news junkie will now have more ways to get your fix.

Don’t think that you can cut the chord quite yet, as you’ll still have to be a cable subscriber to get the full stream online and with your CNN app. It’s very similar to how things like the HBO Go and Xfinity apps work: you verify that you’re a subscriber via cable and then the app gets access to the stream.

Why are they doing it this way and just not going all-in with the CNN app and live Internet stream? Well, these companies still make a ton of cash via cable fees and it can’t make those up through direct sales yet.

“CNN is taking a significant step forward by offering live CNN and HLN TV to our audiences whether they are on their couches at home or have their toes in the sand on the beach,” said KC Estenson, general manager of CNN Digital, in a prepared statement. “The 10 million users who have downloaded CNN’s mobile apps and the tens of millions of people who get the latest news and information from every day will soon be able to watch CNN TV on every device they have.”

The CNN app for the iPhone and iPad will get the live service through a new tab and I’m sure the Android versions will get some live love soon.

[Via CNN]

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