RIM has ‘no plan’ to discontinue WiFi PlayBook

There was a little scuttlebutt this morning about Research In Motion potentially discontinuing the WiFi-only version of its BlackBerry PlayBook but the company is quickly trying to put out that fire.

The rumor stemmed from an analyst who said the company might stop making the WiFi-only BlackBerry PlayBook in favor of working on carrier deals for the PlayBook 4G and other carrier-friendly tablets. The story was first reported and tweeted out by BGR.

In a tweet to BGR, the official RIM account said, “@BGR Pure fiction. No plan to discontinue. In fact, WiFi PlayBook is launching in new countries practically every week.”

If you believe RIM (and I do), that should be a good sign that we should be able to get this and future versions of the PlayBook without a cellular connection built in. I’d look for it to also work on versions that have mobile connectivity built in so that we don’t always have to rely on Bridge too. Apple’s iPad has shown us that tablets can succeed in a WiFi-only version and one with cellular connectivity.

  • Jedgaylin

    NIce, clear, and concise analysis.  I love the playbook, and, frankly, think bridging is a very time efficient way of checking email, without complicated reconciling.  I get 3g service without another monthly fee.  It is a snappy machine, easy to hold and read, and does what I want from a tablet.  Would love to see Google maps in a bridge version, so I can navigate with good gps, traffic maps.  Bing, though functional is slow and cranky.  

    • Anonymous

      Agree.I love the PlayBook as well.

      Tey the new APP called : MIEOPHONE. It alone is worth the cost of the PlayBook. !!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Marin,

    I have had the chance to try the BOLD 9900, RIMs newest phone coming out soon. It’s AWESOME.
    I would love to hear YOUR review on it. Maybe switch back to BB ? Eh?

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, haven’t had a ton of time with it but in my short few hours with it, it was quite good. Blackberry fans are going to love it

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