Versetta handbags are made for iPad-ownin’ fashionistas

Scott Creations launched Versetta handbags and cases, which are designed specifically to make carrying and interacting with the iPad “simple and intuitive.” Each bag features an incorporated frame, with a protective flap, which securely holds the iPad (both the original version and the iPad 2). Once the flap is opened, the iPad and its ports can be accessed without removing it from the bag (as pictured above).

Versetta bags are offered in two collections – Prima and Affari. The first of the two is a line of women’s fashion handbags in sought-after colors and styles; while the second collection offers classic designs for “professionals who have embraced today’s technology.” The bag colors range from business black and brown to turquoise, pink, sunny yellow and trendy coral.

As you can imagine, these are not cheap accessories, with the most affordable bags retailing at $189. Kinda steep but then again not something that would break any Apple fanboy’s bank. You can check out all Versetta bags from here.

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