Bada 2.0 ROM leaked for Samsung Wave II

Thanks to the “always ahead of the game” SamFirmware website, Samsung Wave II owners can try out the Bada 2.0 before its official launch. This may not be the final build, but should give you an idea what to expect in the coming months. From what we can tell, Bada 2.0 looks much better, with the homepage getting a business look and feel. What’s more, Samsung managed to cram 4 icons in the bottom row, which is up from 3 icons used on Bada 1.2.

Of course, we should also warn you to be extra careful and update your Wave II only if you know what you’re doing. This could easily make your warranty obsolete and even brick your phone in the process. In any case, you can’t hold IntoMobile responsible. If you feel adventurous, make sure to backup all your data (contacts and calendars) before proceeding. Even if you feel pretty confident, something could go wrong.

Finally, we have two short walkthrough videos to share, prepared by the good folks of SamFirmware. Enjoy!

[Via: SamsungHub]

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