BlackBerry Bold 9790 “Bellagio” makes appearance in tutorial videos

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 made its initial appearance a few months ago, shortly after the first big leak of OS 7 devices. Today, the device is getting a little more real with a batch of tutorial videos that would normally be loaded up onto the device.

Detailed specs on the BlackBerry 9790 are scarce, but I would assume it will be a lower-end alternative to the Bold 9900, much like the Curve Touch was set to counter-balance the the 9860. From what we know, the 9790 runs OS 7, has a touchscreen (though we don’t know the specific size or resolution), includes 8 GB of internal storage memory, and a near-field communications chip like all of the other next-gen RIM smartphones. The keyboard follows closely in the traditional Bold styling, but any big differences with the upcoming 9900 are still a mystery.

While these videos may indicate a launch is on the way, keep in mind that the tutorial videos for the 9860 Monaco first leaked four months ago, and it still hasn’t been released. RIM is definitely in a hurry at this point to get the Bold 9900 out the door, as their shareholder, employee, and consumer satisfaction levels are all taking a nosedive. One might argue that RIM needs to scrap some device development to focus on getting a few quality smartphones out the door sooner rather than a wide spread later. I tend to agree, but it’s also important they have both high-level and entry-level devices available to address varied international economies. The Curve 8520 was a big hit in its day simply because it provided the same core experience as any higher-end BlackBerry only in a much more affordable package.

In any case, I’m curious to learn more about the 9790, if only to see how it fits in with the rest of RIM’s upcoming lineup. As is, I’ll be holding out for the 9900.

[via CB]

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