AppGrooves brings Hot or Not concept to the iPhone app discovery

So far we’ve seen quite a few app suggestion services but apparently that doesn’t stop other companies from entering this market. One such company/service is AppGrooves, which thinks its technology will crack this nut. And honestly, they may be onto something. Using a “Hot or Not” concept, their “original machine learning algorithm” learns what kind of apps you like and which you don’t like; then based on that data – it suggests other apps you may want to try.

Let’s face it – there are more than 450,000 apps in Apple’s AppStore and some of them may actually work for you, or at least entertain you more than others. You’ve tried the mainstream stuff and now you feel like experimenting – AppGrooves is there to help. It will automatically detect your installed apps, pick up two of them and let users vote. Based on the app list and voting records, AppGrooves will learn the preferences of users and recommends other apps. Sounds cool…

AppGrooves – Recommendations for Apps (FREE) [iTunes link]

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