Hot Deals: Amazon offers Motorola Droid X2 for $59.99, Droid 3 for $69.99

Amazon has awesome deals for two of Verizon Wireless’ DROID phones – Motorola Droid X2 and Motorola Droid 3. New customers can grab the first of the two for $59.99, and the second one for $10 more. If you’re interested in upgrading, the all-touchscreen Droid X2 could be yours for $119.99, while its “QWERTY brother” is selling for $129.99. Of course, putting your signature on Verizon’s two-year customer agreement is required with these offers.

Don’t like carrier contracts? No problem – you can still buy yourself any of the two phones with Droid X2 selling for $529.99 and Droid 3 for $549.99.

You can check out the Droid X2 from here and Droid 3 from here.

  • Sm_gard

    Login to, search for verizonwireless on their site, click droid 3 and you will see the contract extention price of $179.99 + $6.99 optional phone insurance billed monthly. Use coupon code LaborDay2011 $186.98- $25 code= $161.98 then Ebates will mail you a cash back (check of $12.50) and Verizon wireless will give you $100 gift card for trading in your old basic phone. So in the end you will spend $49.48 for a NEW DROID 3 phone for Verizonwireless upgrade! Sounds a lot better than the $199.99 you would pay in the store. Oh and I forgot to mention its FREE SHIPPING! ONE HAPPY WOMAN RIGHT HERE!!! XD Hope it works for you as well. Also it will work for NEW CONTRACTS!!!

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