Facebook for BlackBerry updated on PlayBook and smartphones with bevy of new features

RIM has released new versions of their official Facebook apps for smartphones and the PlayBook tablet today, and there’s a handful of new features to enjoy. One thing RIM is pushing hard these days is BBM integration, so Facebook 2.0 for smartphones now lets you share news items with BlackBerry Messenger contacts, as well as invite new contacts when PIN numbers are detected within the app. Chat was added awhile back, but is now accessible from the messages app, just as if you were sending a text message or an e-mail. Notifications have been upgraded so you’ll get a ping in the messages app when one of your items are “liked” or there’s a new post on an event wall. Profile view now lets you dig a little deeper into details like hometown and relationship status.

Meanwhile, the PlayBook app has added events, so you can keep tabs on and participate in parties and other gatherings being organized on Facebook. Another significant addition is Places, so you can check in while you’re out on the town, as well as pull up particular locations on Bing Maps. There are a few smaller additions too, like being able to pick who you share your updates to, and see the names of who’s “Liking” what.

While this isn’t quite the announcement RIM was setting us up for yesterday, these are some nice functional additions. In fact, the Facebook apps for RIM’s devices are getting so good that I’m having a hard time picking out features that I really want to see. The last major complaint was not being able to delete my own wall posts, but that was fixed in the last update. Is there anything bugging you guys about the official apps currently¬†available?¬† I’m not seeing the updated version of Facebook in the PlayBook’s App World just yet, but you can get the latest smartphone build over here. Check out these demo videos below for a quick tour of all the new features.

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