Waze app hits 5 million users, boosts Android app

Waze app hits 5 million users

We’ve been big fans of the Waze app because it provides free social traffic and navigation data, so it’s good to see that the company is announcing that it has hit more than five million users and that it is updating its Android app.

The five million number mark is a good milestone for the company, particularly considering that it’s competing against the free, turn-by-turn navigation that comes built-in with Google Maps in Android phones. The Waze app recently played a large role in the “Carmageddon” debacle in Southern California and it will be interesting to see how it continues to grow.

The Waze Android app has also received a bump, as it includes text-to-speech voice guidance and a boosted widget which includes a little meter to indicate how much traffic there is right now on your commute. You can download the iPhone version here (iTunes link), the Android app can be downloaded here and you can pick up the BlackBerry version in the BlackBerry World.

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