HP Pre 3 now available for pre-ordering in the UK; Free with contracts starting at 20.42 GBP per month

HP’s Pre 3 is finally available for pre-ordering in the UK thanks to Mobiles.co.uk, which is bundling the first webOS 3.0 smartphone with a number of plans from Orange and T-Mobile. The cheapest plan that gives you the Pre 3 for free is from T-Mobile – it will ask you to pour out 20.42 GBP every month for the next two years, while providing you with 300 minutes, 300 messages and unlimited web browsing. What’s more, Mobiles.co.uk also offers a gift to anyone committing on such a contract – 50% off the price of the contract for 12 months, or a 30 GBP Auto Cashback.

Comparable Orange contracts — those that give you the Pre 3 for free — start at 30 GBP per month, while offering more minutes and text messages per month. In addition, there are other plans some of which ask for a small amount upfront while requiring lower monthly payments…

You can see all Orange plans from here, and T-Mobile’s plans from here.

[Via: Unwired View]

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