Android Takeover: Google’s mobile OS now almost 50% of the global smartphone market

Another day, another report saying Android is taking over the world. For good or for worse, Google’s mobile operating system has set the world on fire and has matched and outgrown the competition in a very short amount of time. According to the latest report from Canalys, Android has capture almost half of the global smartphone market, with a total of 48%.

In the past quarter, the global market had grown 73% year over year, shipping around 107 million handset in the time. Canalys tracks a total of 56 countries for its reports, and of those 56, 35 of the countries have Android in the top spot, retaining its throne it gained in the 4th quarter of 2010.

Android insane growth leaves iOS in the dust, which holds a 19% share of the global market. Of course, Apple is the world’s leading smartphone vendor, and even has more cash than the government. Maybe Jobs can start paying himself more than a dollar now (that’s some smart, but evil shit right there). Either way, the half-eaten fruity company can’t slow the Android OS and even the introduction of the iPhone 5 likely won’t bring Apple to the market share of Android. However if we’re talking cash money, there’s no contest.

While it was once was HTC and Motorola that were held in highest regard when it came to Android, by now you must have noticed that the crown had been handed to Samsung. With its popular Galaxy S line and Galaxy S 2 line set to hit the US later this month, Samsung’s latest flagship device should sell likely like hotcakes, in the wake of the iPhone 5 or not.  With the best Android handset family and the only viable Android tablet around, the mobile battle becomes less of an Android vs iOS battle but one of Samsung vs Apple, which has been pretty heated over the past few months as it is.

Samsung was the top Android vendor and second only to Apple when it came to smartphone shipments last quarter. Whether you’re looking to grab the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S 2 this quarter, the competition has never been better and you really can’t lose with either one. That said, if you’re opting for the Galaxy S 2, you may want to know that the next-gen Nexus device could be right around the corner and could put both aforementioned devices to shame. Maybe.

Overall, all there’s not much to be surprised at here. The smartphone market is booming, Android is leading the way, and Apple makes the most cash. Tada!

[Via: Canalys, pic]

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