HP TouchPad update finally starts rolling out today

HP TouchPad users grew impatient yesterday as HP promised an update to the tablet at the end of July. Good things come to those who wait, it seems, as the update has just started rolling out today. Sure, it’s a day late, but better than never, right?

HP’s head of developer relations Richard Kerris had the following to say about the HP TouchPad update:

Apparently, the developers have been hard at work on this update, and we can probably expect a very polished upgrade once it finally starts hitting TouchPad tablets.

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  • B.H.O.

    Got the who, what, and when, but where is the why guys? Why is there an update needed and why are users so anxious to get this update? Does it solve issues, add features, if so what issues and what features??? 

  • freebs42

    Typical HP bravado here backed up with no substance, flawed product HP will never get more apple product just works which is why it is so far ahead and uncatchable the touchpad is an also ran from the worlds biggest marketing company

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