Vonage extends home calling plans to mobiles

Vonage recently announced a new service, Extensions, allowing its customers to extend their Vonage home calling plans to any phone, including mobiles.

Existing customers can add any U.S. phone number as an extension by logging into their online account at Vonage’s website. The extension phone number can be a mobile phone, a home phone or even an office number. Once registered, the service works like a virtual calling card — you’ll simply dial the access number and international destination number, and let Vonage connect the call over its network. In other words, it’s like a VoIP-powered callback.

Extensions works with any mobile phone, and in the next several weeks Vonage will also launch dedicated apps for iOS and Android-based devices, enabling one-touch dialing directly from the customer’s Phone Book. What’s more, if you’re on a Vonage World plan, you also get unlimited calling to more than 60 countries from you mobile phone in addition to from your home phone…

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