Toshiba dispatches Thrive update to address sleep/wake issues

The Toshiba Thrive has received a software update that will address issues some users have been experiencing. The tablet hasn’t been available that long at this point, so it’s definitely refreshing to see Toshiba provide an update this quickly.

While we never experienced the issue with our Thrive review unit, some users have claimed that instead of going to sleep when the power button was pressed, the Thrive would take a coma, and not wake up once the power button was pressed again. Of all bugs one could experience on a shiny new tablet, not being able to wake the thing up must be pretty frustrating. Luckily, once you do get the thing awake, you can simply download the latest update to solve the issue.

“A limited number of Thrive Tablet users have experienced a Resume issue when in Sleep mode. Toshiba has released a software update to resolve this issue, improving the sleep-and-resume performance, as well as enhancing the multimedia playback capabilities of the device. The software update can be downloaded through the Toshiba Service Station utility app found on the Thrive Tablet.” -Toshiba Spokesperson

The 10.1 inch Android Honeycomb tablet is one of the best available today in the spec department. The Thrive may not be as thin or light as tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but with more than a handful of full-sized ports, Toshiba’s offering holds its own. Even at a hefty 1.6 pounds, the Thrive still provides a solid experience across the board.

The update is also said to enhance multimedia playback capabilities but it could be nothing more than some backend fixes. Nonetheless, if you’ve had issues waking your Thrive up from sleep, it would be wise to pull the battery (because you can totally do that) and get that update downloaded.

To get started, launch the Service Station application on your Thrive and get to updating!


  • Max Burke

    Toshiba Australia are unable/incapable of providing the update through the Toshiba Service Station to Australian and New Zealand customers.

    They refuse to tell their customers what the problem is, or why they cant make the update available.

    The only alternative is to send the tablet to a Service Centre, and wait 5 to 7 business DAYS for the Service Centre to do a 15-30 minute install, even if you take the tablet in yourself.

    They promised it would be availabe on October 6th through the Toshiba Service Station, TWO MONTHS after it was made available to US customers, but now they’ve gone back on their word and are now saying they are still *working on a suitable solution and will let us know when they have more news* (posted on their Facebook page by Team Toshiba.

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