Rogers prices BlackBerry Bold 9900 at $249 on contract, other OS 7 devices at $199

We’ve only recieved an inkling of what RIM’s latest BlackBerrry smartphones will cost, but Rogers has just gone on the record with how much they’ll be charging for the Bold 9900, Torch 9810, and Torch 9860. Like T-Mobile, Rogers will be offering the Bold 9900 for a little more than expected: $249.99 on a three-year contract. The other two are going for $199.99, and although there’s no mention of release dates, August 9 is a safe bet.

The common thread across all three are magnetic compasses, 5 megapixel cameras with 720p video recording, 1.2 GHz processors, 14.4 Mbps HSPA+ connectivity, and sharper screens. The 9860 has the biggest one of the lot, measuring 3.7 inches and clocking in at 800 x 480, with the Torch 9810 not far behind with a 3.2 inch 640 x 480 screen, while the Bold 9900 candybar gets just as many pixels in a more compact 2.8 inch screen. Besides NFC on the Bold 9900, they’re all otherwise pretty identical under the hood.

Compared to T-Mobile’s Bold 9900 price, I’m not sure if I would trade a year of exclusivity for a paltry fifty bucks, but three years is just the way we painfully roll in Canada. On a relative basis with the other OS 7 BlackBerry devices on Rogers, I would say NFC is worth the added cost over the other models, if only for futureproofing. That said, I’m leaning towards picking up the 9900 out of the whole lot, but what about you guys? Is the Bold 9900 priced somewhere where you would consider getting it, or does it need to drop to $199 like the others to be worth picking up?

[via RedBoard]

  • Anonymous

    Definitely needs to drop to $199
    Or since we all know carriers love the mail-in-rebates, possibly $149 after a $50 MIR?
    anyhow despite these latest & greatest blackberries being far more advanced and utilizing state-of-the art technology, they’re simply greater than other blackberries, which doesn’t justify why it should take a $249 or $299 price tag for that matter.

    There are phones with higher screen resolutions and dual-core processors that run forbad cheaper price tag than the 9900.

    I’m just saying.

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