Do you live in an Android or iPhone state?

Are you in an Android or IOS state?

There’s some interesting data coming out of the latest Jumptap report, as the mobile advertising company has come up with some neat data about the advertising rates on Android, iOS and others. In particular, it’s fun to see which states tend to trend more toward Android or the iPhone.

Of course, this data isn’t a completely accurate representation of the entire user base because it just uses Jumptap’s data but it does echo some of the other data we’ve seen so far. The latest comScore report said Android is now roughly 40 percent of the U.S. smartphone market and you can see that in the infographic above. The iPhone is still coming in at a strong second place (remember: Apple is making a boatload of cash off those phones) and Research In Motion is still kicking in third place.

California being an Android-dominant state kind of surprises me because I live in San Francisco and it’s almost a city mandate that you must own an iPhone. It’s a huge state though and Android is available on all four major carriers, so I guess those numbers shouldn’t be too surprising. Still, the report found that the uniform experience of the iPhone’s browser and app ecosystem led to a higher advertising interaction rate.

[Hat tip to SAI]

  • This is definitely a great release and some great numbers.

  • That map reminds me of the presidential election maps they show on the news

    Glad to see Android making a push but its surprising that BB rules in MD. I see way too much Androids and Iphones. 

  • Max

    where the hell is Alaska?

  • Ravin Bilbrey

    I don’t think this thing is accurate. There’s no way BB is dominant anywhere.

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