Users would rather give up their toothbrushes than their iPhone [Infographic]

TeleNav commissioned a small study that as far as we can tell has nothing to do with the company’s main business – mobile navigation. Rather, they seemed to crave for some media love and they succeeded, as I’m sure you can tell.

The survey asked people just how much they love their smartphones and unsurprisingly found that iPhone users are most fanatical about their devices. As a matter of fact, 40% of them would rather give up their toothbrushes for a week than their iPhones. The figure goes down to still alarming 22% of total smartphone owners who said the same thing.

But that’s not all, some other findings include:

  • 35% believe the iPhone reflects their sense of style;
  • 45% of iPhone users have never paid more than 99 cents for an app;
  • 28% would rather go a week without seeing their partner than their iPhone;
  • 18% would rather lose their wallet and its contents than their iPhone.

It’s kinda scary… but wait – and there’s even more: 70% of all smartphone users surveyed would rather give up alcohol for a week than their device, and 33% would rather give up sex. The following infographics better illustrates how all this “works.”

[Via: TUAW]

  • 31% of users “check their phone while at the movies” = 33% should go and see better films

  • 33% would rather give up sex than their phone = 33% confuse sex with masturbation

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