Can Apple wow us again with the iPhone 5?

Upcoming iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 will be announced within a month or so and I started wondering whether Apple will be able to impress us… again. We think we know pretty much all of the features, leaving little space for a surprise. According to various rumors we’ve been hearing during the last couple of months, the iPhone 5 will rock a dual-core A5 processor, 4-inch screen, more RAM and perhaps he NFC capability. My question is – is that enough?

When we look at the top of the line Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation, HTC Evo 3D and soon-to-be-launched Motorola Droid Bionic, I don’t see the iPhone 5 standing out. Quite the contrary – specs wise, it’s pretty much on par with what other handset makers are offering.

Of course the hardware is just one part of the equation. iPhone users still have more apps and games to choose from than their Android counterparts and the situation will most-likely remain like that during the next year or so. However, with Android growing like crazy, I’m not sure I see a reason why would user stick to Apple’s eco-system. Don’t get me wrong – I admire Apple for how it changed the mobile industry and it took Google and its partners several years to reach the “iOS level.” That level is now reached and we *really* want to see Cupertino folks impress us again. As I said – I don’t see that happening with the iPhone 5 and iOS 5. Maybe I’m wrong (I want to be wrong) but I don’t see that to be the case. What do you think? Will Apple manage to impress us after all?

  • Phone Expert

    Are you serious, you actually think that Android OS has reached the level of iOS? Hahaha!

    • Anonymous

      As a recent convert to iOS from Android, I do think Android is superior in many respects. iOS 5 fixes a ton of issues I have with the iPhone though. Both have their plusses and minuses but it’s far from the picture you’re trying to paint. 

    • And iOS didn’t have an App Store its first year. It didn’t have copy and paste until 3.0. Apple took Palm’s webOS designer and is just ripping off the notification system of Android. It is ripping off RIM with iMessages while BBM has been around for years. It copied other OSes like WP7 where the volume button can now be the camera shutter. They termed video calling/VOIP app that Skype already provided it and called it FaceTime. It might barely get a 4-inch screen that phones from 2009 already had. It has the same 4×4 grid layout with no widgets/live tiles to glance at anything and you have to constantly press the home button to open and close apps. Palm’s webOS is still superior in app switching and notification in that regard. The ability to close apps by flicking is much more intuitive. iOS5 is barely getting OTA updates, Wi-Fi sync, and a lockscreen that Apple ripped off from the jailbreak community. 

      Only Apple pretends to have invented it with clever marketing. And many iSheep have been duped thinking Apple is “magical” and “revolutionary.”

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      • Kaiudall

        thats exactly what i was thinking.Apple only exceeds with the iPhone because it makes the phone dumb enough for people that cant use a computer. But it does everything great but adds little to no features each time the phone upgrades. And when they do add new stuff its been ripped off from other companies that have had the same stuff for several years now. I think Apple is scared for its life and thinks it can only grow from copying

  • Anonymous

    If you own an Apple product you like it and when a new one comes out you know it will be better so you buy it.

    If you own any Microsoft product you fight with it, put up with it and when a new one comes out you hope that it is not as bad as the one that you have now.

    • Dusan Belic

      You’re totally onto something. But this is Google, not Microsoft. 😉

  • Anonymous

    You’re looking too much at the specs. 

    The iPhone barely has outstanding features (maybe the retina last year) but you forget Steves statement: “It just works”. 

    That I can’t state from other OS, there is allways something that is supposed to work but don’t.On the iPhone only things that are not supposed to work don’t work (Bluetooth file transphere or similar things)

    • Dusan Belic

      Point taken and we have Apple to thank for showing the rest of the industry what good experience actually means.

      However, you can’t say that Android smartphones “don’t just work” at least not any more. If you’re using GMail as your primary email client (as I do), Android devices work out of the box, too.

    • Jmdwifi

      Voice recognition and gps are crap compared to a droid.  Two things that don’t just work everytime.
      I have an iphone currently and came from a droid inc.  Droid doesn’t bookmark podcasts and no integration with my head unit.  Both are good phones and both have things that work well and not so much.

  • Hammond Kahn

    Steve, let other well deserved people in Apple run their departments. Don’t be a control freak. 

  • Guest

    I think Android definitely has Apple’s attention. Otherwise, it would of not taken this long for the next iphone to come out. 

  • The Dark Lord

    They haven’t wowed me with anything since version 3, still got the same boring look, phone still doesn’t work, browser still doesn’t do flash and and and … 

    • Anonymous

      Have to disagree, as I think the iPhone 4’s physical design is stunning. Yes, death grip included. 

  • Shawn Frunk

    Over the last years I have been switching back and forth between Iphone and Android phones. I usually switch back to the Iphone because all of the Android phones I’ve used are older phones when they didn’t have sufficient hardware to run the magnificent OS correctly. Every time I switched to Iphone I greatly regretted it because of all of the restrictions and limitations. So I am currently using a Droid 1 and hating it (not because it is android, but because it has crap hardware). As soon as the galaxy s 2 comes out on Verizon I will decide between the droid 3 and the galaxy s 2. I have used the Droid 3 and the experience compared to the Droid 1 and Iphone is seamless and a flawless experience. However, even know the Droid 3 has sufficient hardware now to run Android smoothly and the way it was meant to be experienced, it is the same price, if not more expensive than the Galaxy s 2 and has lower specs, so I will probably go with Galaxy s 2 and head away from Motorola for now. Lately I have been buying everything Samsung, I think they are just leading technology at this point and are making superior products.

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