HTC Bliss to ship with new version of Sense UI?

The HTC Bliss – you know the upcoming Android phone for Verizon that’s aimed at females? Not only will this device be ultra-sleek, it also looks like it will be getting first dibs on the latest version of HTC’s custom Android skin, Sense. We also got word of a couple of rumored specs for the upcoming handset.

The rumored specs for the Bliss are a bit surprising, as it’s certainly not as snappy as we were expecting it to be. Rumored to ship with a Qualcomm MSM7x30 processor, likely clocked at 800Mhz, and the Adreno 205, which is similar to the Desire Z/ T-Mobile G2. Simply painting the handset a more feminine color and throwing in a few select apps aimed at females hardly means that it will sell well, especially if HTC is skimping on the power of the Bliss. The Desire Z isn’t necessarily a slow handset but it’s already miles behind in the year of dual-core.

The Bliss is also rumored to ship with a new version of HTC Sense – Sense 3.5. HTC’s latest offerings, the Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D, both ship with Sense 3.0, and offer up a nice helping of new features. We were also surprised to hear that Sense 3.0 won’t fully make it to older HTC Android handsets, and given that the Bliss itself doesn’t actually have top-shelf specs, we wonder just what Sense 3.5 will bring to the table.

Because of the large assortment of pre-installed, non-removable, customized applications HTC provides with Sense, it can alter the lifespan of some phones. Initially, the HTC Desire wasn’t expected to receive the Gingerbread update because HTC couldn’t fit both the updated, core OS in with the latest version of Sense. This resulted in some pissed off users, and eventually HTC went back and took out some of Sense’s bloatware to make the update fit.

Going back to Sense 3.5, I can only hope that HTC has learned to not only add in great features into its custom skin, but also realize when it may be bloating up the place.

If the leaked roadmap is to be believed, the Bliss should land sometime in the end of September, and hopefully by then we’ll have a better idea as to what the handset will be bringing to the table.

[Via: PocketNow]

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