Box rolls out Honeycomb, PlayBook apps and HTML5 mobile site

Box expands mobile capabilities

The folks at Box have just made some major improvements to its mobile strategy, as the cloud-storage/collaboration company has just rolled out apps for Android Honeycomb, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Playbook and an HTML5 mobile site which can be accessed by most modern smartphone browsers.

Box is similar to Dropbox in that it provides online cloud storage for your devices but Box is focused on the enterprise space and the mobile collaboration area. The new tablet-centric apps take advantage of the platforms that it’s on and this will let you do things like access documents that aren’t physically on your device, stream tunes from this online storage and collaborate with other users.

The Honeycomb Box app looks really good and it makes use of the multiple panels that this platform allows to make it easier to keep track of your files. The PlayBook app is no slouch either and the company told me it was quite “refreshing” to create this one because developers familiar with HTML and CSS could do a lot to contribute to this. If you’re on devices without apps like Windows Phone, you can visit the new HTML5 mobile Box website which gives you all the same functionality through the browser.

Box rolls out Honeycomb, PlayBook apps

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