Nintendo investors pressuring developers to support iPhone, iPad

Ever since Apple started taking gaming more serious with its iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Nintendo has been feeling the most pressure as these devices directly compete with their handhelds. Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, came out a few months ago telling developers to outright ignore smartphones, but it looks like investors of Nintendo can’t help but take notice of the increasing popularity of Apple’s devices, especially when Nintendo’s latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, isn’t selling well.

According to a Bloomberg report, investors are pressuring Nintendo into developing games for the iPhone and iPad instead of exclusively developing games for its own systems. Seeing as how smartphone gaming is on the rise with iOS devices leading the pack, this would be a logical step in the right direction as Nintendo’s huge back catalog of classic games would sell very well on mobile platforms. Although, it may impede the success of its own handheld systems and make Apple’s iOS devices even more popular.

The chance of Nintendo publishing games for the iPhone and iPad are very slim at this point as the report mentions Satoru Iwata has gone on record as saying, “Nintendo will only publish games for their own devices while he’s boss.” Nintendo’s stocked rose significantly last month when it was reported Pokemon would be making its way to Android and iOS. If their stock rose just on the news of Pokemon being released on mobile platforms, just think what would happen if they announced Mario & The Legend of Zelda games were being made available.

[Source: Bloomburg, image via donnie steele]


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