Motorola Titanium to get a small firmware update on August 15th

Apparently there’s something wrong with the Motorola Titanium when Sprint and Moto decided to launch the first firmware update only days after the launch. We’re not what’s all included here, but can only guess some of the known bugs will be fixed to ensure the Titanium runs smoother and faster.

The official launch date of the new OTA firmware is set at August 15th though that doesn’t mean you’ll get it exactly on Monday. Over the air updates are known to be late for some users as the carrier and Motorola are balancing their server loads.

In any case, make sure to backup all of your data before proceeding. Having a local copy of your contacts and calendars, as well as all of the regularly used apps is a good practice. Moreover, the Titanium’s battery should be fully charged… If everything is on place – hit the button and follow instructions provided on the screen. Good luck! 😉

[Via: SprintFeed]

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