What does Android, iOS say about you? [Infographic]

What does iOS, Android say about you?

Our friends over at Hunch have put together an infographic about what your platform of choice says about you and, in general, it says that iPhone owners have more money, are well-traveled and are early adopters. Android users are generally more pessimistic, like The Walking Dead and are younger than iPhone users.

Of course, this is based on more than 15,000 Hunch users and the service itself aims to find out what your interests are and how that’s related to other things. It should be noted that its user base might be skewed, as 32 percent of respondents used an iPhone while only 21 percent of users had an Android phone. In the larger U.S. smartphone market, more people use Android than iOS.

There are some other interesting things in this infographic and feel free to see if these match up with your characteristics.

What does your phone say about you?

[Via Hunch]

  • What a crock!

  • Not Gonna Go to rehab!

    ack! someone switched the labels…

    • K5cpo

      Yes, I am an android user but fit the profile of an iphone!!! I tend to not believe these stats!

  • Lulz

    “27% more likely to say they tend to lead.”

    I had to stop and laugh my ass off on that one.

  • Leroy Farted

    What biased crap to make ios users seem sophisticated, intelligent and made more money . Funny how the BlackBerry users(20%) were lumped in with “other”. Was this biased for apple? Of course!!

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