First QNX BlackBerry rushing to get out before New Year’s Eve?

BlackBerry Colt may land before the end of the year

According to the latest rumours, the BlackBerry Colt may make it to market before the end of 2011, even though the last we heard of RIM’s first QNX smartphone was aiming for early 2012. In its current testing phase, the Colt apparently couldn’t plug into BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, and was running a single-core processor. We’ve been expecting an all-touch 4.3-inch slate, though the source of these late 2011 rumours couldn’t nail down any specs.

RIM has openly admitted that they’re working to port the QNX-based operating system from the BlackBerry PlayBook into their smartphones, but the tablet’s feature set is still largely incomplete, which casts a shadow on its future on handsets. It’s also odd to hear that the Colt is currently only running on a single core processor, since RIM’s co-CEO has said they needed to wait on dual-core before flipping the switch.

Whatever happens, RIM’s QNX smartphones will be their last shot at proving to the world that they can remain competitive. The latest batch of OS 7 handsets barely keeps them up to speed with Android and iOS alternatives currently available. With a bit of time bought, RIM’s next push needs to be fully competitive to maintain what investor and consumer confidence BlackBerry has left. What do you guys think – will the first QNX BlackBerry be enough to save RIM? Is getting it out a month or two sooner going to help them out that much, or is it already too late?

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  • if their QNX devices doesn’t match or exceed expectations, best they work on licensing BBM to Android & iOS 

  • Blackberry has got this!!! Apple and Android… BOOOO BYE!!!

  • I recently played with a BB Bold 9900 and I am an Android user. It’s fast as hell and I was actually pretty impressed with the 6% bigger keyboard. If the apps are there and the browser can keep up… I don’t agree that RIM is dead in the water. 

    I mean if Windows and Nokia can’t be declared dead when their sales are going down the tubes then I can’t be that hard on RIM quite yet.

    I do Want a MEGA device from RIM though…no punches pulled. Better have 1.2 ghz dual core cpu minimum, front facing cam, gpu acceleration, 1080p recording, better media store type support, and a 4.3 inch size screen, ALL the Mail, Tasks/notes, Messaging, Calendar apps that are currently MIA in the Playbook, NFC, and something that nobody else has (face gestures to control the interface) haha something that better than that obviously.

    The playbook is a multi tasking monster, so I would expect a smaller screen to be even snappier. 

    I can’t stand how stale iOS has become, their hardware improves more than their software at this point to me, and by that I mean the boring grid of apps. Sure it makes it dead simple to use…but it’s also dead boring.

  • All I know is that the first QNX-based smartphone is RIM’s one big chance to renew the BlackBerry brand — or to hasten its demise, if that first release isn’t fully baked and ready to please.  RIM needs to get this right much more than they need to get it out quickly.

  • Leroy Farted

    Well, I don’t know what people expect from these smartphones. I like BB, but I don’t think that there will be anything new under the sun with QNX or anything else, they are phones after all. What do you really expect to do on them and how exciting must web surfing on your lunch break have to be?

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