Droid Bionic features 4.3″ qHD screen and wireless printing

The Droid Bionic for Verizon is coming in just a few weeks, as we’ve learned not too long ago, and as its launch date approaches, we are learning additional details for the 4G LTE device. It turns out that the Bionic will have a 4.3″ qHD screen, which isn’t much of a surprise given the majority of Verizon’s 4G LTE devices out there, and the direction in which Android handsets are going. However, not all qHD screens are made the same, and just because the pixel density of qHD, or quarter-HD, screens are the same, some still have very visible pixels.

Additionally, the Droid Bionic will have wireless printing capabilities and will be Webtop compatible. Everything you’ve seen with the Motorola Atrix 4G in terms of the way it interfaces with the Webtop accessory will be available for the Droid Bionic, too.

Here are some additional details for the Droid Bionic courtesy of TechnoBuffalo:

Motorola will be offering  Zumocast along with the phone which allows you to remotely access and stream files from your home computer to the handset. Zumocast is available on some other Motorola handsets, and can be used to stream both video and music, as well as view photos and other documents.

The Bionic will have an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording capabilities, it will also have a forward-facing cam that can be used for video chatting over WiFi, 3G, and 4G networks.

Three microphones
The Bionic will have three microphones located in different locations on the device.

Mobile hotspot
The Bionic will be able to be used as a wireless hotspot for up to 8 devices.

We’re eagerly awaiting the Droid Bionic, especially since it was probably our favorite Android smartphone at CES 2011, and hopefully we’ll have a review set and ready to go for you in just a few weeks!

[Via: Technobuffalo]

  • DoC

    Wrong,… screen size will be 4.5″

    • No, please see the source of this story, Techno Buffalo, which has additional images that show the Bionic will indeed have a 4.3 inch screen: http://www.technobuffalo.com/mobile-devices/phones/droid-bionic-details-revealed-4-3-qhd-screen-wireless-printing/

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