Straight Talk to offer their first Android smartphone next month, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Straight Talk, one of America’s many prepaid operators, is going to step up their game next month when they introduce their very first Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. Priced at $150, with obviously no contract, you’re also looking at a phone bill that weighs in at just $45 for unlimited everything, including data. The Precedent, also known as the Samsung M828C, features a 3.2 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, 2 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, massive 1500 mAh battery, 800 MHz processor paired up with 384 MB of RAM, but here’s where it gets nasty: It runs Android 2.2 and has a CDMA2000 1xRTT 3G modem, meaning you’re not going to get more than 100 kilobits per second on this thing in the real world. That’s twice the speed of dialup. For those of you who need nothing more than Facebook, Twitter, and the occasional lookup on Wikipedia or IMDB, then it’s fine, for speed demons … look elsewhere.

Now if you’re considering this thing then you should be aware of what else is out there. Most notably, the Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile. It has a 4.1 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, 1 GHz processor paired up with 512 MB of RAM, it runs Android 2.2, has a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, HDMI out, and of course your typical WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. It’s twice the cost of the Precedent, but it’s an infinitely better phone, and unlimited everything is just $10 more per month. If you’re the type who updates their phone once every 2 years, then you owe it to yourself to not have a piece of crap in your pocket.

There’s also Boost Mobile, who has their own version of the Precedent called the Prevail, and while it will cost you more up front ($180 vs. $150), plus you’ll run a higher phone bill ($50 vs. $45), they have this thing called “Bill Shrink”. If you pay your bill on time a certain amount of months in a row, you get a smaller bill. Sounds perfect for the ultimate penny pincher!

  • The triumph is also 140 bucks more up front…

    • Androidfonefan

       I’m not familiar with the Precedent or the Prevail but I know the Triumph only to well and it is not worth the 300.00 price tag.
      I can only hope the Precedent is a better phone than the Samsung Intercept.
      If someone is interested in going Virgin Mobile, go with the OptimusV, it is the most stable and dependable Android they have. In time if there are updates to the Triumph that correct the many problems with it, it may end up being a very nice phone, but for now it is plagued with problems.

      As for Straight Talk and the Precedent, If this phone is at least as good as the LG Optimus line (Optimus S,V,T,M etc) this phone will end up putting many contract phones and providers on their ears. As for me I hope this works well and customers leave Verizon and ATT in droves. Those two companies have bleed their customers for years in monthly fees. Verizon when I called them back when the Thunderbolt first came out was charging 120.00 a month for unlimited service and now they are doing away with it or already have.
      Consumers need to teach those two companies a big financial lesson in my opinion and I hope ST and the Precedent help with it.
      I use *Straight Talk, and for a low dollar monthly service (no contract) it is very good. Just try not to deal with any customer service, they are horrible. Bad as in on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being bad and 10 being eye bleeding, hair pulling, white coat insanity terrible.
      ST customer service is a 20. Phone service is great in my opinion though.
      Here is to hoping that the new ST android is as good as everyone is hoping it is.
      If it is on the Verizon network, great. It may also be on the Sprint network since it has now been confirmed this will be a CDMA phone.
      Either provider is great for me. My current phone is on *Virgin Mobile/Sprint and it has all the coverage I have ever needed. So Sprint coverage would do as well for many.

      *And yes I have more than one phone


      • ST Fan

        Been using st for 2-3 years with Samsung finesse r801c phone on cdma verizon towers. I have the $45 plan. Awesome phone, I hope it runs forever always bars. Limited functions/web/speed ect, but come on its $45 mo. Have mom/family on older slide & bb copies (cdma) @ $30(Great deal) Got wife new Samsung t528g touch on att&t gsm 7/2011, sorry people phone sucks. Bars/signal, web, wifi ect. all work good but touch screen sucks. Need small Asian/kid fingers and a lot of time, Works when it wants to, press u get I ect.(sucks cuz neat phone) I will update if it was bad screen. PS SPRINT SUCKS!! no signal on all there phones.(sorry, I have one for work, no bars in house) Verizon, ATT&T and Straight Talk all work in & out or my house. Hope this helps you all….

        • Wildwood73

          I have the st Blackberry wanna be and love it! When I was with Sprint I always had the Treo Palms and went thru about 3 phones a year (always had warranties thank goodness) anyway I have had the same st phone since June 2010…..that’s a record for me! I can talk on my st phone in/out of my apartment, I see my neighbors walking around outside cussing trying to get a signal…..they have Verizon mostly! My st plan runs me $50 (including tax) for unlimited everything, when I was with Sprint my phone bills would climb sometimes to $300 a month! I have never had any trouble with st customer service…..luckily I haven’t had to call but mabey twice anyway….I too am a st fan!

          • everyone just face it the android is a great phone except when it runs on sprint towers sprint is the worst carrier i ever had ive been with st for 4 yrs and bought the android i never had a problem with st signal til i got the android i did not no it ran on sprint when i got it, i returned it the next day and went back to the 528g cant do as much but a good phone st even gave me 2 months of unlimited service with the new phone cause of the service prob i had with the android. but hope they do come out with a different provider for a smart phone or android.

          • Ruthie

            So if I have Sprint coverage in my area then the Straight Talk android smartphones will work, right? Don’t wanna cancel verizon with my unlimited media plan set at a low price and not be to my advantage. Ya know?

        • Higolz

          I have the straight talk nokia E7 smartphone and it has TWO CAMERAS so it has voice and video call…..sweet…with great pictures lots of apps…video recorder and a whole lot of other things and it has a chip for your xtra pics and songs! It was 189 up front and I have had no problems with it! I have dropped it several hundred times and it has plunked in the toilet twice!!! lol…great phone and it runs off of the ATT service via straight talk!

        • Higolz

          I have the straight talk nokia E7 smartphone and it has TWO CAMERAS so it has voice and video call…..sweet…with great pictures lots of apps…video recorder and a whole lot of other things and it has a chip for your xtra pics and songs! It was 189 up front and I have had no problems with it! I have dropped it several hundred times and it has plunked in the toilet twice!!! lol…great phone and it runs off of the ATT service via straight talk!

        • Lilofan789

          where can we get another samsung finesse i dont c them anymore

      • Staple180

        Thank you!!!! When Verizon bought out Alltel the greatest prepaid plan went away. And myself, being a cost wary person, believe they deserve a kick in the head for this. Microsoft stopped producing Zune HD’s (which is what i’m all about) so if i want a device like that i’ll have to get a plan with a big company. No way in hell am I doing that! I’m a college student living and supporting myself and with my awesome $7.25 an hour there is no way i’d be willing to pay $60 for a phone bill, much less $100.
        So yes people leave Verizon and AT&T, don’t worry they’ll come crawling back to us on their hands and knees 🙂

      • Aliyah_shalom

        I just finished talking to Verizon and their 10 gb plan cost $140 per mo. I see no one has mentioned the Galaxy proclaim.It is a ST phone and runs off Verizon towers.I wish ST would get some high end phones with larger screens atleast a 4 inch screen. So far ST only offers mid-range phones with small screens.Their plans are great but the phone options are poor.

    • Mttgymnastics

      ummmmm , this phone is not like the real galaxy bc i have one . its fake its phony . ima sue strait talk cuz they makin fake phones . an p.s. my phone is better than yourrrrssss :)555555

      • AbIgAle:)

        its not a phoney is just another vesrion for people who cant afford it so ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori

    Is the Samsung Galaxy Precedent going to run on the Verizon network?  If so then it’s worth a million dollars!

    • Monday

      From what I just read on Wal-Mart’s site (they sell Straight Talk phones) if the model # ends in C then it’s CDMA and it works with Verizon’s towers. If that’s correct then Yes, this phone would use Verizon’s network. And I think that would make it the 1st Straight Talk smartphone that does.

      • Ade164

        Well, you are sort of right. On the web site, there are two versions of the CDMA service maps. One is CDMA-S and CDMA-V. The CDMA-S is the one for Android. Go to the site and go to support-service maps. It tells you on there. It looks like the service sucks.

        • Ade164

          Oh and CDMA-S means sprint and CDMA-V is verizon.

    • Sheliaconway

      I emailed straighttalk and ased that question, and his response was it will run on Sprint towers.This device will operate on Sprint towers.
      Regards, Straight Talk Team

      • Trevor

         I just talked with straight talk and they said that the Galaxy is the only straight talk smartphone that will use verizon lines………hope that is true

  • martha

    does anyone know what the android will cost?

    • Jaquandra09


  • Vail_jessica

    does anyone new if it going to work in new mexico

    • erika22610

      I had service in New Mexico, as for the new phone IDK

    • erika22610

      I had service in New Mexico, as for the new phone IDK

    • erika22610

      I had service in New Mexico, as for the new phone IDK

    • erika22610

      I had service in New Mexico, as for the new phone IDK

  • Blueturborocket

    I hate straight talk customer service sucks so bad about 280 dollars from them I will never go back again/ customer services from the philippines they’re very rude and hardly speak english. Just test them first. Call customer service and talk to them.. long long long whole time and never fix their problems

    • Mttgymnastics

      what sucked abt it ?

    • Azrio

      used ST for four years, if I get a rep who can’t speak decent English I just hit “end” no explantion, and redial….you’ll get somebody else.  There are state side reps, it’s just the luck of the draw….but worth this tiny hassle for the low price.  everything else works great

  • annonymous

    The straighttalk rep I talked to stated that the phone will operate on the Sprint towers.

  • Gmmc22

    why can’t I get samsung galaxy in Tracy ca?

  • Gmmc22

    why can’t I get samsung galaxy in Tracy ca?

  • Anon

    why cant you people spell?

    • Mdtcljkaa

      not everyone is a college grad like you,if you dont like the way we spell dont read our post.

      • Ignorant

        It doesn’t take a college grad to use proper grammar… 😮

    • SamanthaB

      it doesn’t matter!!!

    • Sierra

      Why can’t you cap and punctuate?

  • Anon

    why cant you people spell?

  • guest

    Bring the thing to hamilton ohio. If you cant offer it to everyone whats the point

  • Mel

    Why is it not in Montana? There is seriously no point in not having this everywhere.

    • SamanthaB

      ikr.. but i think u sshould stop complainnig

  • Preciouskim02

    Will this phone be released near bedford va any time soon?

  • angie

    can you dowload all the doriod apps nd shit with this 45 unlimited package?

  • Nanaedwards15

    sooo where exactly can you get it ?

    • Kieandasmht63


    • Kieandasmht63


  • coolchic

    Why is this phone not available in VA???

    • Oldtoys1

      Possibly NO Sprint coverage in your area/zip code. If Walmart has it in your neighborhood then your in a major town or next to a interstate.But leave that town or get off the interstate and you’ll lose Sprint coverage.Sprint coverage sucks. ATT and Verizon is the heavy hitters in this game with excellent coverage. Thats why the contracts.

    • SamantaB

      It should be available everywhere!! I thoughttt..

  • Oldtoys1

    Check you Sprint coverage for usage of this phone. Usually ST uses ATT towers which covers alot. I’ve used the basic ST phone on ATT towers for years with happy results. But with the Sprint towers cover alot less and it’ll suck. You may not even have Sprint coverage in your area. Nobody from what I’ve seen makes a good pre-paid android with unlimited test,talk,data. It would cut into their 2 year contract plans. When I heard ST was gonna have a Android I couldn’t wait, but theres a catch. ATT doesn’t want a prepaid Andoids on their ATT towers, people live on their phones nowadays and they’d lose contracts which are about $85-$100 a month for 2 year contracts. ST switches over to Sprint towers with prepaid Androids.

    • dumbfone

      Straight talk runs on Verizon towers, managed by Tracfone and sold by Walmart, pretty good partnership if you ask me, but you get what you pay for in regards to customer service.

  • Azrio

    Love the idea of a droid….but the limited coverage map on straight talk cite is a bit discouraging as I travel to rural areas fairly often.  Does anyone know if there will be a change for the better?  Seems if ST is offering andoid phones they would be working on arranging better coverage

  • cece

    why wont the android work in white earth MN?

  • cece

    why wont the android work in white earth MN?

  • Angelgurl2479

    if its straighttalk phone .. and has all the features will u be able to play games and facebook games on it .

    • Layja_2007

      Yes you will it’s the best I have been with straighttalk for 2 years & I love it!

  • Gratefulred

    Straight talk is awesome and even t-mobile is starting a no contract line because of these guys. Straighttalk is always improving their system. My only complaint is that I do need to speak to someone every once in awhile and cannot get someone that I can understand. I am not saying that the customer service people are not intelligent, they are, I just cannot understand their thick accents. Thank you straight talk for making this company more computer user friendly.

  • Montana Mom

    I heard this would be available in Montana real soon. Anyone else hear that rumor?

  • DpndnGd

    I believe the Straight Talk droid phones all work on sprint. When will a smart phone be available that works with verizon?

    • RNM

      They have one out that works on verizon as well. At the moment you can only find it online. What you need to look for is a cdma-v. That is a the one that works on verizon towers. The any phone that says cdma-s is runing on sprint towers.

      • Twsmith1

        Which android phone from Straight Talk runs on Verizon towers?

        • Slcribbs

          Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. Had mine couple of wweeks now. I jumped on it when I learned of it. It is the CDMA-V

  • Trevor

    Does this smartphone use verizon lines for service, I know all the other android straight talk phone use sprints lines

    • rnm

      Trevor read the comment below this one that I posted for DpndnGd.

  • lucky

    how would i go about tracking down a straight talk android cell phone?

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