Facebook: Check-ins are lame, add location to anything

Facebook adds location to all statuses

Facebook just announced various privacy changes and many of these give users granularity over who gets to see what. What we found interesting about these changes is that the world’s largest social network is putting less emphasis on checking in and giving users the ability to add location to any update on nearly any device.

In a blog post, the company talks about how location-sharing is no longer just for Facebook Places:

Before: You could only “check in” to locations using the Places feature on a smart phone.

Going Forward: Now you can add location to anything. Lots of people use Facebook to talk about where they are, have been or want to go. Now you can add location from anywhere, regardless of what device you are using, or whether it is a status update, photo or Wall post. Of course, you can always choose not to add location at all.

The company also announced a lot of new abilities like being able to edit posts, send updates to certain groups and more. Yes, yes, it is all very similar to what Google+ offers but Facebook insists these were in the works way before Google’s social networking offering was announced.

[Via Facebook]

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