AT&T’s Q3/Q4 roadmap leaked, features lots of Android, dash of BlackBerry and Windows Phone

AT&T’s roadmap leading up to the end of the year has leaked, and it’s jam-packed full of Android Gingerbread handsets. From Pantech, they’ll be offering the Nuli P9060 and the Onza P7050, from Samsung they’ll have the Singa SGH-i777 (better known as the Galaxy S 2 Attain) and Gidim SGH-i927 (Galaxy S 2 slider). Motorola will be bringing the Fuath MB865 (a refreshed Atrix) to the table, while on the RIM side of things, the BlackBerry 9860 and 9360 both make an appearance. Windows phone lovers will get access to the Samsung Kupua SGH-i937 (Galaxy S III) and the HTC Bunyip PI39100. A few specs for all of those can be found in the chart above, but based on screen resolution alone, it sounds like they’ll be mid-to-high-end smartphones.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that these will all be put to shame when the iPhone 5 comes out, but it’s good to see that AT&T will have ample alternatives available for those who aren’t interested in getting in bed with Apple. Anything here leaping out at you guys, or will you be holding out to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer?

[via PocketNow]

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