Asus Transformer gets the Netflix support

You got the Android 3.2 update for your Asus Eee Pad Transformer but the new software still didn’t sing along Netflix – what gives? The good news is that another update has been released, allowing you to rent and enjoy movies from Netflix on your beloved tablet while on the go (or on a couch).

The new firmware (version comes with several software enhancements including an update to the dock software, performance and stability improvements, and the so-much-needed Netflix support. Yep, now you’ll be able to rent all the movies you want without leaving your couch, presuming that’s the idea…

As usual, we advise you to keep your device up to date. However, before proceeding make sure you have a second copy of all of the important data stored on a PC/Mac, just in case something goes wrong. Likewise, you should make sure your Transformer is fully charged to have enough juice to handle this operation. Good luck! 😉

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Hi! I’m from Argentina. I am going to the US, and I am really looking forward to buy a tablet.
    The 3 options are Xoom, Transformer and Galaxy Tab. Wich one would you recommend? Do you think the Transformer will receive Ice Cream Sandwich? What about its performance with Honeycomb 3.2?
    Thank you for your support and the information!

    • Colin

      Transformer…the ability to dock it to a keyboard — not to mention the extra 8+ hours of battery life — makes productivity tasks soo much more comfortable. The Transformer 2 will come out in October and have Ice Cream Sandwich. Not sure if you would be able to upgrade the current Honeycomb version, but I assume you would. The Transformer 2 will have upgraded hardware as well.

  • Byron410

    why didn’t i get netflix with my asus transformer update?

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